ZRM® basic course

Be smart, discover and make use of your personal resources

In the two-day basic course you will discover - guided by an experienced ZRM® trainer - your conscious and unconscious needs. In a clever series of short presentations as well as group and individual tasks, you will synchronize your different needs and build up a variety of personal resources. These resources are cognitive, emotional and physical in nature. We will train holistically to increasingly do what we really want! Also in challenging situations, you will be able to act according to our attitudes. You will really reach your self-congruent goals and deal with your engergies sustainably.

The ZRM® specific techniques, the mindful group sequences and the discovery of your personal resources combine well-being and scientific care. The Zurich Resource Model was developed by Maja Storch and Frank Krause at the University of Zurich in the 1990s. Today, it is successfully used in education, management, health care, individual coaching and many other contexts.

The basic course includes at least 15 hours of lessons and is therefore an approved training that entitles you to complete advanced or trainer courses. Please contact me, to arrange courses hold in English.